Lifemel Honey Support and Immune Support for helping to treat the side effects of chemotherapy

New Horizon has been chosen to be the USA distributor of LifeMel, an innovative groundbreaking product for the support of patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The distribution rights were granted by Zuf Globus Laboratories, the renowned Israeli producer of health products and nutritional supplements whose components are honey produced by feeding bees therapeutic herbs. The Company maintains several product lines, which are based on a variety of production technologies:


LifeMel - A unique honey produced by bees that are fed a mixture of therapeutic herbs, natural honey other natural ingredients which allows LifeMel to support the treatment of the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation suffered by cancer patients, thus significantly improving their quality of life.

How do bees produce the Unique LifeMel honey?

"Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd." prepares an all natural mixture for controlled feeding of bees based on natural honey and adding extracts of various edible plants [therapeutic herbs] to produce this unique natural honey. The mixture of natural honey together with the edible plants' extract, substitutes the pollen that is available to bees in nature and, from it the bees produce a new type of honey, with therapeutic properties, respective to the types of therapeutic herbs that were incorporated into the feed mixture.

This method enables Zuf Globus to control the precise doses of desired food types with which to feed the bees and, ultimately, produce honeys, whose properties are predesigned yet improved through the synergetic effect of being formed in the bee's body.


  • People sensitive to apiary products (bees or honey)                       are advised to avoid use.
  • No side effects.
  • May be used in conjunction with any other medication.
  • May be used without any time restriction [there is no danger].
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