Lifemel Honey Support and Immune Support for helping to treat the side effects of chemotherapy

Israeli Honey Helps Cancer Patients Cope with Side Effects

(ARA) - For those following ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” this season, you’ve watched strong minded housewife Lynette battle cancer and struggle with the side effects of chemotherapy. Approximately 1.4 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and over half of them can relate to Lynette’s battle with chemotherapy, including New York resident Zisel Goldberg.

Goldberg, age 50, suffers from colon cancer, and when she first started chemotherapy she thought the side effects, including constant fatigue, were unbearable. Goldberg’s friend told her about a new honey that helps with side effects - and then everything changed.

 “I felt stronger and my blood cell counts improved by two points,” says Goldberg. “The difference was remarkable; I’ve even been able to go back to work.”

What Goldberg took and what many experts are starting to recommend is LifeMel Honey. Developed by Zuf

Globus Laboratories founder Dr. Alexander Goroshit, LifeMel Honey was recently touted in the prestigious Journal of Medical Oncology as “…a very inexpensive, safe and effective method of preventing chemotherapy-induced pancytopenia.” It is the only honey available that has had a clinical study done to determine effectiveness in decreasing side effects, including anemia, of patients involved in chemotherapy.

LifeMel Honey is harvested from bees fed on a special food mixture that enables them to make a unique form of honey with all the beneficial properties of the therapeutic herbs and natural ingredients the bees were fed. LifeMel Honey is specially produced in a controlled environment which guarantees a pollution-free pollination process. Other than collecting the honey from the hive and packing it, the honey is not artificially treated in any way and no ingredients are added after extraction of honey from the hive.

For optimal results, experts recommend people take LifeMel Honey twice daily -- a teaspoon once in the morning on an empty stomach and a teaspoon again in the evening.The honey is exclusively available in the United States at

While it won’t cure or prevent cancer, LifeMel Honey can minimize side effects and make the fight much easier, and that spells welcome relief for Goldberg and others like her.

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