Lifemel Honey Support and Immune Support for helping to treat the side effects of chemotherapy
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November 2007

Honey  of a help to cancer patients

Dealing with cancer  can be a bitter experience, but one new therapy may be able to sweeten it up!

A special honey made in Israel is “a very inexpensive, safe and effective” way  of helping cancer patients cope with the side effects of chemotherapy treatments, says the prestigious Journal of Medical Oncology.

Developed  by a doctor, LifeMel Honey is harvested from bees fed a special diet of therapeutic herbs and other natural ingredients in a controlled, pollution-free  environment. Experts recommend taking the honey – which is available  through the web site – twice a day. “I felt stronger.” says New York colon cancer sufferer Zisel Goldberg, 50,  after using the honey. “The difference was remarkable. I’ve been able to go back to work.”