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Healthy' Honey On Sale -For 42

Updated: 11:37, Sunday December 23, 2007

Honey, thought to be the most expensive in the world, has gone on sale at Harrods.

The luxurious LifeMel honey

LifeMel honey costs a whopping 42 for a pot containing just 120g.

Celebrities including Sienna Miller and Kylie Minogue are huge fans, according to the London department store. But the jars will not be found on the shelves of the food hall.

Harrods is selling the product in its pharmacy instead, because of its reputed health benefits.


"This is the newest product that has just launched," said Andre Dang, Harrods press and product manager."People are tending to use it more as an alternative therapy rather than spreading it on toast. "LifeMel's high price tag is down to the fact that it is made by bees fed on a special diet including herbs such as Siberian ginseng and echinacea. It has a strong taste similar to manuka honey and is made without artificial ingredients. The honey, which is made in Israel, is supposed to be eaten by the teaspoonful in the morning and at night.