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 We always knew that natural honey produced by bees is extremely healthy for humans. In the common medicine it is believed to have healing abilities. But Dr. Alexander Goroshit, doctor and microbiologist from Israel, went one step further: in his factory, hence the beehive, the bees produce honey on demand! The main idea is controlled feeding of the bees, with special therapeutic plants based on a formula prepared in advance. Only the honey produced by the bees is much more than the formula: “In the bee body a synergetic process is performed which intensifies the properties of the active substances and lead to very strong effects” In a clinical test LifeMel proved to be effective for cancer patients undertaking chemotherapy. Prof. Jamal Zidan, who took part in the Life Mel clinical test, confirms: the honey succeeded in preventing the decrease in blood cell count, a known and perilous side effect for these patients.

     Honey, no doubt, is a healthy food, but most of us come across it as part of sweetening the desert. For Ms. Ana (name changed) from Israel the honey became much more than that. It was literally sweetening her life. The life of Ms. Ana changed three years ago, when she was diagnosed with cancer. The operation to surgicallyremoving the cancer was relatively straightforward. The real hard phase came afterwards, when she had to go through chemotherapy. In addition to the bad condition, the harsh side effects included drastic decrease of hemoglobin and blood count. “I felt terrible weakness, I was on the edge, I could not function. The  moglobin and the white blood cell count continuously dropped, as if that was not enough, any virus and disease ‘stick to me’ due to the damage of the immune system. I have reached a state that my next chemotherapy ‘course’ was delayed, since the doctors were afraid I could not stand it…” In one of the visits in the oncology department, Ms. Ana met an acquaintance, diagnosed with cancer, from northern Israel, who told her about a new products which is “doing wonders” and prevents the harsh side effects. “I told her that I do not believe in alternative products, I heard enough stories of healers taking advantage of the misery of the patients holding on to a straw. Only she told me that the product was – a special medicinal honey – checked in clinical test in the hospital in Zfat, and in any case this is only honey, it cannot hurt”, says Ms. Ana. “She convinced me that it is worth a try, and my doctor was not against it”.

   Before the next chemotherapy, Ms. Ana started taking the LifeMel, the special honey. “The effect was amazing, just amazing. After five days, the leukocytes (white blood cells) increased and the hemoglobin did not decrease and even increased a bit. I felt strong and could function, I could even go to work! And still I was not sure it is due to the honey, therefore for the next chemotherapy I insisted not to take the honey. I had such a decrease, worse than before and I started retaking the honey – the side effects almost disappeared.

   At work they did not believe that I am after chemotherapy and in such a condition…my treating oncologic doctor, Dr. Olizki, was very impressed and now recommends the honey to other patients”. Manufacturer

 Factory for medicineHoney which cures cancer?

   Sounds like a fantasy, even before we get to learn about the development, Dr. Alexander Goroshit, the inventor of LifeMel, quickly denies. “The honey I developed does not cure the cancer! It has an excellent effect on the harsh side effects, and that alone is a lot! It prevents neutropenia, hence, decrease in blood count, white blood cell, platelet, and the levels of hemoglobin, which is caused after chemotherapy. It strengthens the immune system and improves the quality of life of the patient”.

What was the development based on? What makes LifeMel special?

     The genuinely simplicity of the answer, is surprising. The idea is to feed the bees with special nectar, which is made from blend of therapeutic plants and natural honey. Not “just any” therapeutic plants that the bee randomly stumbles on, but feeding the bee with a controlled formula, dosage and the special blend aimed to treat the specific medical problem!

   The outcome is a totally natural honey – and with it real medicinal properties.In that manner, for the production of LifeMel the bees are fed with herbs, such as: Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, Uncaria and other plants, as well as natural bioactive materials, such as: iron, protein, enzymes and vitamins. The active ingredients in LifeMel are absorbed directly in the blood.

Why not provide the blend directly to the patient? What is the difference?

     Dr. Goroshit: “In the bee body there is a synergetic process which intensifies the properties of the active substances. The science cannot yet utterly explain the mystery of the bee, how some active substances change into other substances, but what is known today is that the bees process the special blend and produce honey which combines medicinal properties and excel with such a strong effect. We sent the honey to a leading laboratory in the USA to be checked, and they were amazed by thesum and the intensity of active substances in the product. This is the reason why LifeMel affects within five to ten days!”



Dr. Goroshit in his laboratory

The start of LifeMel is no honeymoon

     Dr. Goroshit, a conventional doctor, was exposed to the medicinal honey mystery already during the seventies. Back then he was a young intern who worked at the department of ineffective viruses in Tashkent, and was urged to treat an outburst epidemic of cholera in a rural community. “When we mapped the morbidity, we noticed there were two centers clean from cholera. I visited those centers and I found out they were settled with Beekeepers who were predominately having beehive diet.

I extended my research and found out that the bees were nourished from specific plants. Through that I came up with the idea, that one could nourish the bees with special blends – and end up with a medicinal honey”. In the nineties, when Gorbachev opened the iron curtain, Goroshit decided – a son of a Jewish family, which his grand‐] grand father was the Rabbi of the village Oman – to immigrate to Israel. “I came as a new immigrant, but instead of practicing medicine I decided to realize my idea. I requested funds from the government and I got an initial support as part as technological greenhouse program.

     This way I started working on the medicinal honey production”. One of the conditions of the government program to continue and support the project was that the product will undergo an external laboratory test, which will prove that it is as effective as antibiotics. “After five months we had the laboratory reports utterly determined that the honey was even more effective than antibiotics in treating, throat infection, diarrhea and more”. Therefore, the government continued to support the research anddevelopment.

   The logic behind the project, tells Goroshit, was to feed the bees with active blends from therapeutic plants that in a natural way the bee will not be able to reach – for example, active substances which exists in leaves and roots, and not just in nectar. Dr. Goroshit developed different blends and created different products – some with antibiotics properties to specific disease while some possessing other medical properties. The formula used in LifeMel contains substances which suppose to prevent drop of blood count and anemia and to improve the functionality of the immune system. Only in reality it was less trivial. For example, it was discovered that the bees are epicurean and are not willing to eat all that is served…

Prevented anemia in more than 60% patients

     The medicinal honey of Dr. Goroshit, was given to patients from Kiryat Shmona. Quickly the word spread that there is a product that “causes patients to react on chemotherapy as if it was water”. A great interest was from doctors in oncology departments, who observed their patients results.

   Prof. Jamal Zidan, leader of the oncology institution in the medical center “Ziv” in Zfat, heard of the product from patients – and decided to scientifically test it. “One of the problems common to cancer patients, is all sort of alternative products and treatments based on rumors, and unproved stories. On the other hand, honey is known to strengthen the immune system, and in any case it is a food supplement and cannot hurt. That led me to the decision to check LifeMel.” Prof. Zidan started a controlled clinical test, following all the rules, which included chemotherapy patients. “With most chemotherapy patients we observe drop of blood count and the immune system during the treatment phase. They also weakened and more exposed to other infectious diseases. When the blood count drops, you need to increase it with injections. We decided to check whether the honey is effective to release the harsh side effects and whether the honey can prevent the need for injections”.

     The clinical test preformed by: Prof. Jamal Zidan from the clinical center in Zfat, Dr. Stein from Rambam and the Technion and Prof. Eitahn Friedmann the leader of the genetic institute in Shiva. The research lasted over two years, and included thirty cancer patients who were going through chemotherapy and suffered from severe neutropenia – drop of white and red blood cell count, thrombocytopenia and levels of hemoglobin. The patients received the honey in parallel to the treatments, the results, published in the medical journal “Medical Oncology”, showed definite success: in 40% of the patients there was no decrease of blood count, in 64% of the patients there was no decrease of hemoglobin. The honey found to be effective in decreasing the incidence of anemia in over 60% of the patients. 32% reported improvement in quality of life! Translated by PURADO International Ltd., from “Yated Ne’eman”, August 31st, 2007.

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